My Story


I started my career as a teacher and when my children were small, I gave up teaching to become a writer.  I have always loved painting, but after I left school, I never could find the time to sit down and paint, it seemed like too much of a luxury to spend any time painting! And so it wasn’t until the first lockdown in 2020 that my youngest son asked me to paint something with him. I had been eying the watercolours in his bedroom for some time and so it didn’t take much persuasion, one sunny afternoon, with not much else to do, to say yes.

My son drew a fantastic picture of a dog and I painted a little hedgehog.  Everyone seemed to like it.  So I painted a hare and then a squirrel and then an idea came to me.  My paintings were attracting a lot of interest among friends and family – maybe, I could auction them off and make a contribution to the frontline NHS and their heroic efforts fighting the first wave of Covid in 2020.  I thought I might be lucky enough to raise £100 and would at least, in some small way, feel like I was doing something to help.  I set about painting a new painting each day for a week and put them up for auction.  I raised £3500 for those on the Covid frontline and began a new business to boot!


I adore animals and the countryside together with my rediscovered love of painting, I have been able to do little else since.  So, welcome to Hill View Cottage Art – a small artisan business, borne out of a worldwide crisis and a love for animals and that wonderful feeling of recreating their characterful ways through the joy of a paintbrush.


Please feel free to browse my work here on my website and get in touch if you wish.  I do take on commissions, providing my workload allows it, and most of the time can be found in my studio painting cute furries until my heart’s content!

All the best